For Cherry, its design concept is based on being a sober but elegant kitchen, its dynamism is offered by its structure and finishes that work the volumes and contrasts of finishes from bright to opaque in its materials, providing a unique and functional aesthetic.

Alfredo Zengiaro

He was born in Vicenza in 1957. He graduated in architecture and approved the qualification exam to perform as an architect in 1984. From 1984 to 1988 he was in charge of the research and development sectors for the well-known brands of ARC LINEA and AIKO kitchens. Now he lives and works in Vicenza. His collaboration with the Colombini brand began in 1995, thus contributing to a complete renovation of the models over the years and guiding the design of almost all kitchens towards a modern style. “I have always seen the” Colombini kitchen “as the center of the house, as a model of cultural, aesthetic and functional evolution that follows the process of change in contemporary housing step by step. Therefore, the kitchen is thought of as an intimate and personal refuge where the division of space has changed a lot over the years, sharing and becoming an integral part of the housing area. In this new interpretation of the space, I am always studying new solutions and materials for the” Colombini kitchen “to turn it into the unique center of the house”.

Alfredo Zengiaro

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