Cementitious adhesive with improved characteristics, deformable, with resistance to sliding, extended open time and high adhesive resistance to heat and immersion in water.



STON MIX @ FLOW is a mono component cementitious adhesive modified with latex-type polymers of adhesion, flexibility and fluidity to obtain highly effective adhesives especially in low absorption coatings such as porcelain, thin or ultra-light ceramic and some natural stones. It can be used on floor or wall, indoors or outdoors.

Due to its specialized formulation, it has a greater fluidity than a conventional floor and wall adhesive, favoring the covering and total wettability of the adhesive in demanding formats where this condition is a fundamental requirement for the stability of the installation, such as ceramic or porcelain coverings. light and large.

Your property of Fluency does not imply that the mixture has a vertical slip, in the work with the trowel or on the installation, as long as the preparation instructions are followed correctly.

Thanks to its exceptional components, it offers unsurpassed adhesion, high flexibility, high resistance to abrasion, excellent water retention and unparalleled open time. It is easy to apply and great manageability. You just need to add water.