Cementitious adhesive with improved characteristics, deformable, fast setting, with resistance to sliding, extended open time, high adhesive resistance to heat and immersion in water, with improved adhesion for wood.


STON MIX® FACHADAS is a cement-based mono-component adhesive highly modified with latex-type polymers to obtain high adhesion and flexibility in the installation of natural stone or low absorption ceramic (porcelain) in facades. Due to its excellent formulation it is ideal for installations in external areas in general, with constant variations in temperature, wind currents, wetting and drying cycles.

STON MIX® FACADES contains additives that decrease the setting time, which gives greater initial strengths compared to conventional cement-based adhesives, this characteristic is desirable when vertical installations are carried out at high altitudes.

STON MIX® FACHADAS is easy to prepare and highly manageable, it does NOT require the application of latex emulsions in the mixing water. You just need to add water.

Note: The use of this adhesive for the bonding of facades does not replace the ties that must be used according to NSR-10. Please consult the standard for clarity.