Cementitious adhesive with improved characteristics, deformable, with resistance to sliding, extended open time, high adhesive resistance to heat and immersion in water, with improved adhesion for wood.


STON MIX® LATEX FLEX is a mono-component cementitious adhesive modified with latex-type polymers with high adhesion and flexibility to obtain highly effective adhesives in installations of low absorption coatings or high coefficients of linear expansion, such as some natural stones and ceramics. low absorption (porcelain). Ideal for areas that will be exposed to external environmental conditions, with constant variation of temperature, air currents, presence of rain or high traffic.

Thanks to its specialized formulation, in addition to ensuring excellent flexibility and adhesion, it has an excellent level of water retention and wetting, allowing a longer working time than any conventional adhesive and the possibility of installing on absorbent and deformable substrates such as flat fiber cement sheets. .

STON MIX® LATEX FLEX is easy to prepare and highly manageable, it does NOT require the application of latex emulsions in the mixing water. You just need to add water.

Ideal for use on substrates or coatings that have high deformations.