Cementitious adhesive with improved characteristics, deformable, with resistance to sliding, extended open time and high adhesive resistance to heat and immersion in water.


STON MIX® LATEX SWIMMING POOLS is a specialized cementitious adhesive for installing architectural coatings that will be exposed in areas with extreme humidity and temperature. Its modified formulation with latex-type polymers of adhesion and flexibility guarantee highly effective adhesion in low absorption coatings such as vitreous mosaics and / or architectural coatings of medium and large format in ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite and sandstone, with exceptional performance in floor or wall, indoors or outdoors.

STON MIX® LATEX SWIMMING POOLS is not a cementitious membrane type waterproofing, it is a mortar with the flexibility required to absorb the dimensional changes of the substrate and / or the coating without having detachments. Of course, the instructions for use must be followed carefully to achieve the required result.

Thanks to its exceptional components, it offers high resistance to abrasion, excellent water retention and unparalleled open time. It is easy to apply and great manageability. You just need to add water.