Cement adhesive with improved characteristics with resistance to sliding, extended open time and adhesive resistance to heat and immersion in water.


STON MIX® NIVELA AND PEGA is a specialized cementitious adhesive for leveling the substrate up to 30 mm thick and at the same time allowing ceramic installations, porcelain or natural stone flooring in indoor and / or outdoor environments.

Due to its exceptional formulation in the percentage of coarse-fine aggregates and the modification of polymers with high adhesion and flexibility, it offers unsurpassed peel strength on existing substrates coated with ceramic and / or porcelain only at the interior level. In conventional concrete type substrates or cement plates, leveling and exterior or interior ambient installations can be made.

STON MIX® LEVELS AND PEGA only need to add water for use. It is easy to apply and great manageability. It has high adhesion at 24 hours and double the compressive strength of conventional mortars.