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Colombini kitchens and kitchen furniture are forged with the unmistakable passion and elegance of Italian design. A reflection of beauty in all its forms, capable of expressing specifically your emotions, your world and your lifestyle. The different styles are the result of a refined taste for the details that is shown in each collection. The rustic style kitchens with classic, romantic and vintage inspired decorative elements; are a reinterpretation of the beauty and comfort of the old lines in a contemporary way. The modern or minimalist kitchens are distinguished by being practical, cozy, accessory and very versatile, which makes the perfect environment for those families who want a multifunctional space. Both styles can be completed and customized thanks to the wide range of decorative accessories. Its design is the result of years of experience and commitment in the production of furniture and decorative objects that can offer the highest level of quality at a sustainable price. In the catalog you will find finishes and chrome platings made with different quality materials such as walnut, 100% Italian and certified. The distribution of the spaces in Colombini kitchen furniture meets the needs of any client. Kitchens on two sides, with peninsula, American bar or central island are just some of the possibilities you can choose. The different materials and colors can also be customized according to your taste or needs. Colombini puts at your service the best experts in interior decoration to make your dreams come true.

* REMEMBER: Always validate and check the type of finish with our consultants, not all finishes are available for all lines.