This is a contemporary kitchen that knows how to interpret all the tendencies of the present and the functional demands of contemporary houses. Because modernity rhymes with practicality.

Dario Poles

Founded in 1994 by the designer Dario Poles (1964), the Graphosds studio has accumulated in 15 years a vast and solid experience in the field of design. In 2003 the architect Stefania Poles (1971) joined the team, who leads architectural and interior design projects. The constant search for innovative solutions means that the Graphosds studio has become a point of reference for the sector. This is a well-founded recognition, given that the objective of the studio is to offer both public and private committees a service fully in accordance with expectations. Regarding industrial design, it has made pieces not intended for serial production, as well as lines of objects and decorative pieces for many renowned companies. It is especially dedicated to the detailed study of materials and technologies so that their projects respond to the already consolidated socio-residential requirements in terms of Eco – sustainability and recycling. With such premises, it is superfluous to remind that our projects are developed in full respect of environmental policies. . In recent years the Graphosds Studio has established collaborative relationships with the Russian market, obtaining prestigious commissions for architectural projects, interior design and construction management.

Dario Poles

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